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Newsletter 29/11/20

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

“Your body is your most priceless possession… so go take care of it.”
Jake LaLane

Have a look at what our week entailed…

The big news this week was obviously the news from Boris. I, myself am in Tier 3 so I can’t do a thing. Whatever tier you find yourself in, it’s bound to change again just before Christmas and we all know, the light at the end of the tunnel is vaccinations, they are well on their way.

There are 6 more recipes on the site, I think now that makes almost 180 recipes. My feeling is, we don’t need to keep creating 6 every week. I really do think we are better of now focusing on 1 or maybe 2. There are, as I say, lots and lots of recipes on there and yes, we need to keep bringing in new ideas but I’m not sure we need 6 every single week. Do please let me know what you think about that.

We have a couple of blogs I’d like you to read, one from the Dr Kev about making it through Christmas and one from me about motivation. Motivation seems to be the big topic right now. I’ve got a friend who I’m beginning to introduce called Danny. To differentiate between Danny PT, I’m going to call him Guru Danny. He is a respected life coach and I think he might prove to be incredibly useful.

The live yoga classes from the lovely Tammy seem to be going down very well. That is certainly something that I would like to continue.

Next Week…

So next week, of course, more yoga classes from Tammy, a couple of blogs, one from our very clever nutritionist Kat and another one from me, on snacking or moreover, not snacking. There will be another 10-minute interview and I am hoping our first live group chat with Guru Danny.

Anyway, be as good as you can, that’s the message. Not saintly, as good as you can is good enough and don’t get down. A vaccination is on its way, you’ve heard that on the News.

Our Expert Friends’ Weekly Notes:

Katharine Bright – Registered Nutritionist:

‘There are some more blogs coming from me so give them a read. Please try not to start snacking because you are bored in lockdown, keep yourself busy in a different way.’

Anna Wallace – Home Cooked Recipes:

‘We have decided to go down to 3 new recipes a week to give the team more time for other things, we have such a huge collection now and this will keep growing every week.’

Danny Rai – Personal Trainer:

‘If your gym isn’t opening this week or you cannot get to the gym for personal reasons, please keep active. Walk, stretch, move your body. This may be a great time to try yoga too.’

Dr Kevin Dutton – Psychologist:

‘Please give my blog a read, it could be just what you need to see you through the Christmas period.’

This week for Wellness Wednesday, Kev wrote us a blog about staying on track this Christmas.

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Weekly New Recipes:




We cannot wait for you all to get cooking these at home! Remember, if you do not feel you are the most confident in the kitchen do not fret, we have a Cookery Basics section on ShowMe.Fit to guide you through! I look forward to seeing your meals and life updates across social media!

We have got so much more exciting and exclusive content coming soon so please stay tuned for more!

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