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Just a little taste…

Here you will find an idea of what we have in store at ShowMe.Fit. Have a look through these sections, anything take your fancy? Sign up for more of the same and so much more!

From Cookery Basics…

How to poach an egg

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  • Egg
  • Vinegar


  • Pan
  • Bowl


  1. Crack the egg into a little bowl
  2. Add vinegar to a gently boiled pan of water
  3. Make a whirlpool in the water
  4. Gently pour the egg into the pan
  5. Let it cook for 4 minutes
  6. Enjoy!


Have the water at a gentle boil with vinegar to keep the egg together – do NOT have a high boil or add salt as this breaks up the egg
Cook for 3 minutes if you want it softer and 5 minutes if you want it firmer

From Recipes…

Lentil and butternut squash dahl

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Serves 1-2

  • ½ onion
  • 1tsp garlic powder
  • 1tbsp curry powder
  • 90g red lentils
  • 300ml low fat coconut milk
  • ½ tin of chopped tomatoes
  • Handful of frozen spinach
  • Handful of frozen butternut squash
  • 100ml veg stock
  • Pinch of salt
  • Olive oil


  • Knife
  • Pan
  • Spoon


  1. Prepare your ingredients
  2. Cut the end off and peel half an onion
  3. Lay it flat on the board and chop down repeatedly to create slices of onion
  4. Pour enough olive oil in a pan to cover the bottom and let it heat
  5. Once the oil is hot, add your sliced onion – stir and let them soften for a few mins
  6. Add curry powder and garlic powder and stir
  7. Add lentils, chopped tomatoes, spinach, butternut squash, veg stock and coconut milk and stir
  8. Bring up to the boil then reduce the heat, place the lid on at an angle and let it cook for 25 mins – if you feel you need to add more water when cooking, do so
  9. After 25 mins, add salt and give it a stir
  10. Serve and enjoy!

From Nutrition…

Diets don’t work!

Every week there’s a new diet to follow. Some work, some don’t.

You start all motivated and then get bored or completely lacking in energy and feel faint or get so sick of all the deprivation that you end up secretly binging on a whole tonne of food and then feeling bad and giving up. Does this sound familiar?

Diets don’t work! Why? They are all about deprivation. So yes, you can follow them for a short while, but then when you fall off it’s usually spectacular and you feel guilty and then eat to get rid of that guilty feeling. And then start to eat to comfort yourself about how useless you are. Then you put all the weight back on, maybe even a little more. So, you end up miserable and feeling like a failure.

Does this sound familiar?

So please stop.

If you want to succeed, then you need to get your mindset right. Stop thinking about “I need to lose X amount by X date”. It’s time to start thinking about your overall health. This has to become your new lifestyle and you have to want to change. You are doing this for yourself and no one else.

There’s no need to start Monday or start after the weekend or start when you have finished all the unhealthy biscuits in the cupboard. You have to start NOW and believe that your body and your health comes first. You deserve to feel the very best you can and start to enjoy life in the body you have. You need to change for life – not for a month on a crash diet.

This doesn’t mean that you need to starve yourself and only eat lettuce for the rest of your life. Or you can never enjoy a meal out, a takeaway or a glass of wine with friends. That’s missing the point of a healthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance. Yes, enjoying good food for most of the time, moving your body as much as you can manage – but also enjoying the odd meal out or a weekend away. If that means a slice of cake and/or a glass of wine – that’s fine too! Just make the next meal or day even better and get back on track. There’s no need to stare yourself or miss a meal to compensate.

You need to get rid of obsessive thoughts and the all or nothing approach if you want to succeed. This is the only way that you can change and make good things happen. No one can do this for you – only you. Your body and health deserve the very best you can do.

From Motivation…

Self-reflection journal

Use this monthly template to help track your progress, all you will need is a measuring tape and scales.


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