Success Stories

Claire’s story

Everything is so clearly explained and you are genuinely shown HOW to so everything. It feels so personal and since joining I’ve found a wonderful group of like-minded people.

Kyle’s story

Over the years I’ve tried lots of different slimming groups. Most of them are packed with their own merchandise and you realise that they really are simply, just a business. When SMF was born in June last year, I was there with them from day one and never looked back. The website is jam packed with every advice you could wish for.

Jade’s story

I love how personal it is. From having the welcome video from Gregg when we first started was a really great way to stay motivated, to the Facebook live videos and workouts. I honestly think this works for anyone and everyone regardless of what they want to achieve. It has worked for me.

theo’s story

I love how there’s help with not just food, but the psychological side of it too. This is such a key thing which not many people realise they need!

Linda’s story

This really has been a game changer for me. When I do have a treat I don’t feel guilty as I know that I can and I know that nobody will shame me for it, that is so refreshing. I’ve lost count of the times in other slimming groups where if you stayed the same for one week, they would ask ‘what went wrong?’

Carole’s story

I can’t thank you enough. Its changed my mindset and I have my figure back!!!

david’s story

This is a change of eating that I will keep for life.

mike’s story

SMF is just so inclusive of everyone from all different walks of life, shapes and sizes! There’s such a beautiful community of people eager to lose weight and offer advise and support to anyone who needs it. On a SMF weight loss journey, you’re not on your own!

Paula’s story

The difference with SMF is the level of personal engagement from the whole team.

Amanda’s story

It’s changed my life – 1st 6lb lost

John’s Story

It’s the best value for money plan around which will, if you trust in the plan, help you achieve your goals.

Natalie’s Story

Having suffered in the past with losing weight which has been tied in with my mental health, SMF has taught me its ok to admit when struggling. Whats important is you don’t give up but you keep going.

Janice’s Story

I could go on all day about the benefits of this plan and how it has completely changed my mindset on food and exercise – just join and look forward to looking back at the old you!

Colin’s Story

It’s just so simple, cost-effective and everything there on a website. No expensive equipment needed.

Adele’s Story

You need to make sure that you are doing this for you and you alone and need to be ready to make a positive change.

Rich’s story

Start now don’t put it off