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Newsletter 08/12/20

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

“When you think about quitting, think about why you started.”

Have a look at what our week entailed…

The big news this week, whether you’ve lost weight or not, is, of course, the vaccine. It is on its way, we’re going to repair the world, everything is going to be good. We can go out, drink, and eat and get fat, only joking! We will go out, celebrate, and be really good for the rest of the week.

There are 3 new recipes, not 6 anymore, there are almost 180 recipes up there, we need new ones but I’d rather we had 3 really nice ones, rather than struggle to find 6 new ones every week. Do let us know if you feel differently.

There is a blog from me about snacking, please take time to read this. I’ve realised actually now, along with my fitness, there is absolutely no snacking at all. The only time I now reach for a bag of crisps is if I’m drunk and there must be a lesson there for me, as well as you. There is a blog from my Anna all about Christmas and it’s got lots of Christmas recipes in there as well. There is a new exercise routine, it’s a fat burner. I actually wrote it, with Danny’s supervision of course, and I’m in it, huffing and puffing and trying to give instruction. Talking of exercise, these live yoga classes with Tammy seem to be going very well.

We would like your Christmas pics or videos, please. Anything you like, a dish, a party hat, or a Christmas jumper. Sending your pics or vids to

Next Week…

Next week there will be another 3 recipes from the Christmas list (we are so Christmassy in this house), another blog from me, a blog from Kat, the nutritionist and we are going to continue with the weekly yoga classes as they have been such a success during lockdown.

There will be live lifestyle coaching from Danny Guru, we are organising it with his team now, date to be confirmed.

As I started off saying, a vaccine is on its way, I think we can all have a very Merry (mildly indulgent) Christmas.

Our Expert Friends’ Weekly Notes:

Katharine Bright – Registered Nutritionist:

‘Christmas time can be a really difficult time to keeping on track, be kind to yourself. Please reach out on the Facebook group.’

Anna Wallace – Home Cooked Recipes:

‘Interested in seeing what meals will be coming your way in the next few weeks? Have a look at my latest blog.’

Danny Rai – Personal Trainer:

‘There is a new workout!! Enjoy it! Aim for your own personal best.’

Dr Kevin Dutton – Psychologist:

‘Remember you don’t need motivation, you need consistency.’

This week for Wellness Wednesday, Anna wrote us a blog all about Christmas.

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Weekly New Recipes:

Breakfast: Spiced Cranberry Smoothie

Lunch: Carrot and Parsnip Soup

Dinner: Orange Baked Chicken

We cannot wait for you all to get cooking these at home! Remember, if you do not feel you are the most confident in the kitchen do not fret, we have a Cookery Basics section on ShowMe.Fit to guide you through! I look forward to seeing your meals and life updates across social media!

We have got so much more exciting and exclusive content coming soon so please stay tuned for more!

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