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Newsletter 18/12/20

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

“Consistency over intensity.”
Dr Kevin Dutton

Have a look at what our week entailed…

It’s almost Christmas. There are 3 new recipes, there used to be 6 I know, but there are so many up there now that we don’t need a new 6 every week.

There are 2 new blogs, one from me about lunches, especially lunches when you’re travelling into work and may not have had the time to prepare something. There is also a blog from Kat, reminding us, all of us, including me, that perfection is not the goal. I do like her stuff, read this if you can. Oh, and do please keep sending in your Christmas messages to

The success stories are up, we love those as well, we especially love your before and after pics and we will share them.

Among the recipes, we now have a search bar and there are symbols to tell you whether a recipe is veggie or vegan. We are looking at introducing a new element to our recipes, where we will list healthy proteins, good carbs, and a list of vegetables, so that you can mix and match yourself to suit your own tastes. We won’t get rid of the recipes and we will still add to them, we would just like to introduce this new system of protein, carb and veg alongside it.

Next Week…

Next week it is CHRISTMAS DAY!!

There will be another blog from me, it might be a bit late as I’m finishing off a Channel 5 travel series. There will be another blog from one of our experts and 3 new recipes, one of them a Christmas dinner. It’s nearly Christmas, we want you to indulge, be as good as you can and remember being good most of the time is good enough.

Our Expert Friends’ Weekly Notes:

Katharine Bright – Registered Nutritionist:

‘It is nearly the time of year where you are being sold the latest weight loss diet – lets stay focused on being healthy rather than just losing weight as fast as we can.’

Anna Wallace – Home Cooked Recipes:

‘I could not be more excited for Christmas, not long now.’

Danny Rai – Personal Trainer:

‘I’ve filmed a little Christmas message for you all.’

Dr Kevin Dutton – Psychologist:

‘Consistency over intensity every time, folks.’

This week for Wellness Wednesday, Kat wrote us a blog all about Perfection is not the Goal.

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Weekly New Recipes:

Breakfast: Spiced Pumpkin Muffins

Lunch: Carrot and Parsnip Salad

Dinner: Glazed Salmon with a Winter Slaw

We cannot wait for you all to get cooking these at home! Remember, if you do not feel you are the most confident in the kitchen do not fret, we have a Cookery Basics section on ShowMe.Fit to guide you through! I look forward to seeing your meals and life updates across social media!

We have got so much more exciting and exclusive content coming soon so please stay tuned for more!

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