NEWSLETTER – 08/07/21

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on July 8, 2021

by Gregg Wallace

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We have a new front page! I’m very happy with it and it’s just another example of how our website is developing. If you haven’t been to the Motivation section in a while, go and have a look, it’s now changed to Mindset, and Bernie, the brilliant psychologist has filmed a number of talks. Enjoy, get cleverer.

There is a blog from me and a very interesting blog from an SMF member in Wales, called David. It’s a true account of his journey about his weight loss and how SMF has changed his life. Have a read, you may find it uplifting, I did. There are loads of new workouts for you to try if you feel inclined.

There are seven new workouts from our resident PT, Ann-Marie. There are a couple of new recipes up, a beef stir fry and a recipe from celebrated French chef, David Galmiche is going up on Friday.

Two talks from resident nutritionist, Kat, are now live on the site, one on snacking and another on building new habits. Both incredibly important.

We’ve asked you, our members, to send in your own recipe ideas. You don’t have to know or list all the ingredients and give a full recipe, just the title will do. Breakfast, lunches or dinners.

If you are considering some exercise, there will be a live workout with Ann-Marie on Saturday mornings. We upload all of her workouts so you can choose your own favourites, but we have also added some back to basics for those of you who are starting again from fresh. Please do check them out.(Click here to see workouts).

Beef and Tomato Stir Fry

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