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14 more recipes!

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

Aren’t you a lucky lot this week? 7 new breakfasts, 7 new lunches AND 7 new dinners!

Not only that but we are also adding 6 new recipes tomorrow (2 more breakfasts, 2 more lunches and 2 more dinners… WOW). One of the recipes that is being added tomorrow is from Nisha Parmar! She has made a lovely fish curry for all of you beautiful people to make at home, it’s super easy and simple to do and won’t take you any more than 30 mins to prepare and cook.

We are 1 week old tomorrow – how exciting! In just 1 week we have welcomed so many of you lovely lot onto our site and for this we are so excited and couldn’t be more proud. We hope you are all really proud of yourselves for taking this step towards a healthier you!

We have some very special plans coming in the next week or so… make sure you have your eyes peeled across our social media pages.

We have had such an overwhelming response to our launch and across our social media pages that we have decided to set up a Member’s Only Facebook Group! Lots of you have been asking about this and so I’m sure it is going to make you all very excited. On here you will be able to see some exclusive weekly content and it will be a space to share your thoughts, feelings and your experiences.

At ShowMe.Fit we love the idea of building a really strong community between all of its member’s and so what a better way to do that than bringing everyone together in one private space?! Sounds brilliant if you ask me! We will let everyone know when it is all up and running…

Keep a look out on social media and in your inbox tomorrow for some 1 week old celebration posts!

New Breakfasts

New Lunches

Comments? Questions? Come and join the discussion on our Facebook group

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