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Rich’s story

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.


Rich Vaughan




6 foot

Starting Weight

22st 5lb - 3rd of August 2020

Current Weight

19st 8lb - 12th of October 2020

How long did this take?

10 weeks?

Are you trying to lose, maintain or gain weight?

My aim is to lose weight.

Why did you start SMF?

I liked what I'd seen on the website plus if I'm going to have to pay for something, I'm going to commit to it.

Why is your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from SMF?

Preferred breakfasts – Chewy oat Cookies, Breakfast Smoothie – Lunch – Chunky Bean Soup. Dinner – Simon Wood’s Chilli Beef, Broccoli Pasta

Why do you enjoy SMF?

Easy straightforward recipes, well explained and nice. No frills.

Why is SMF different to other programmes out there?

I personally think it is aimed at my demographic no rules/boundaries, just a change in lifestyle.

What is one thing you have learnt from SMF?

Some new recipes and food groups I didn’t tend to visit very often. Easy to remain focused.

What is the best thing about SMF for you?

Quick and easy recipes.

Would you recommend SMF to anyone else and why?

Most definitely

Do you have any words or advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?

Start now don’t put it off

Any other comments...

I have briefly looked at the exercise videos “LOOKED” being the operative word as to my current lifestyle and motivation this is an area which is poorly lacking, I get most of my physical exercise from my work, walking the dog, gardening and DIY around the home. I haven’t watched/listened or read the blogs only a quick glance and said I’ll look later…. which I haven’t as yet BUT a change is on the way!!!

I haven’t attached before and after pictures, as I’m still looking for one I like, given the size I was, conscious of having my picture taken and the after is work in progress!

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