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Adele’s Story

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.


Adele Benham




5ft 2

Starting Weight

23st 8lb

Current Weight

17st 6lb

How long did this take?

1 year 3 months

Are you trying to lose, maintain or gain weight?

Lose weight

Why did you start SMF?

Having tried many different diets, I was fed up of always starting off so well but I always seemed to reach a point where I would lose my motivation or just not continue.

Why is your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from SMF?

My favourite breakfast is the sausage and egg muffin, lunch Halloumi and pineapple burger and dinner cornflake baked chicken.

Why do you enjoy SMF?

Having seen the amazing transformation of Gregg himself, and through the first lockdown I was following a lot of his recipes from Instagram and was really enjoying them. I know I needed to change my way of life for the better and wanted to try something new.

Why is SMF different to other programmes out there?

SMF it not a diet, if anything I see it as a change in lifestyle. It teaches you about making better choices and that you don’t have to be so strict on yourself or beat yourself up if you have a rough day or week.

What is one thing you have learnt from SMF?

I learnt how to make better life choice when making meals, and also when going out being mindful about the items on the menu and still being able to enjoy myself.

What is the best thing about SMF for you?

The amazing support you get from everyone

Would you recommend SMF to anyone else and why?

Yes, most definitely because it’s not a quick fix and that’s okay, but the support that is there is amazing.

Do you have any words or advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?

Make sure that you are doing this for you and only you, and don’t be afraid of having bad days.

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