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NEWSLETTER – 26/05/21

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

Gregg’s Blog – How long did it take?


The good news everybody is that the covid rules have changed, we can sit indoors and hug each other and of course, we can eat out. This is cause for celebration but let’s not overdo it, right.
There was a blog from me entitled “how long did it take”, which was really all about thinking your weight loss journey and the time it takes up. There was a blog from Kat all about how weight loss can be tough – read it here
Last week, Kat gave the last of her talks in this series, this one was all about maintenance, what you do and how you live when you’ve reached your goal weight. All of Kat’s talks have been really well received, there are 1 up on the site already, we will get the other 3 up as fast as we can.
There is a live workout with Ann-Marie every Saturday, and we will continue to post these up on the site as well.

Brown Rice Paella
Wholemeal French Toast
Grilled Grapefruit
Full Body Conditioning
Cookery Basics

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