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Newsletter – 21/08/20

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

Motivation Monday Quote:
“Some people want it to happen, some wish it to happen, others make it happen”
Michael Jordan

For this weeks Motivation Monday I wrote a blog for you all about the importance of not giving up!

Hello from Budapest! I am away but I am keeping an eye on you and so is my talented daughter Libby, who does nearly all the work anyway.

Thank you to all the members who sent their recipes in, we are working with Anna and Kat to make sure they are healthy enough for everybody else. This is going to take a while, please be patient with us, there are lot of recipes to get through, but we will do it.

A new workout gone live, that’s the one which is low impact on the knees. I think we should now begin work on another 2, one being another beginners fat burner and the other, I think we should investigate what a few of you have been asking for, which is a routine that requires no floor work whatsoever, even better for the knees.

There’s a couple of blogs gone up, one from me about not giving up and the other is a brilliant one from Kat about takeaways.

There have been major changes to the layout of the site, I am sure you may have noticed that already, if not, have a look.

I loved the live cooking demo I did with my old mate and chef, Rob Kirby. It was a fabulous cauliflower steak recipe and I thoroughly enjoyed cooking live and giggling with him. Whilst we are on the subject of food, 6 new recipes have gone up! Have a look at them below…

This Week…

There won’t be anything live from me for a couple of weeks I’m afraid, I am away filming a travel programme for Channel 5.

Coming up soon, a couple of blogs, one from me on how it’s important not, and I repeat, not, to be hungry. There’s a bonus blog from my Anna about eating out, as well as the usual Wellness Wednesday blogs.

We are planning filming some workouts with Danny, he is worried that he’s not as funny as me, but that’s not important, he’s a lot slimmer and fitter. I think we are going to see my Libby do some of her own recipes, I like the idea of this, she’s becoming a better and better cook and she’s filmed and edited every single recipe on our site. In fact, I might do a couple of recipes with me and Libby cooking together, then you can see for yourselves how much she bullies me!

We’ve started planning for Christmas already, I love Christmas and we’ve got some fabulous new flavours coming your way.

What I am also excited about is I started a conversation with a local yoga instructor, her name is Tammy, she’s incredibly nice and I think 15-minute yoga classes would be a really great addition to our little club.

Our Expert Friends’ Weekly Notes

Katharine Bright – Registered Nutritionist:

‘If you are still having sweeteners in your drinks, cut these down by one a week, please! You will see a difference, trust me.’

Anna Wallace – Home Cooked Recipes:

‘Take pride in your food, present your food nicely and you will enjoy it even more.’

Danny Rai – Personal Trainer

‘If you have been remaining at the same level for a little while now, this is time to push yourself further. Dig deep, you can do it!’

Dr Kevin Dutton – Psychologist

‘Taking care of your mental wellbeing is so important. Take a little time this week to remind yourself why you are doing this and ask yourself what you have done that you are proud of.’

This week for Wellness Wednesday, Kat wrote us a blog all about choosing takeaways.

Weekly New Recipies




We cannot wait for you all to get cooking these at home! Remember, if you do not feel you are the most confident in the kitchen do not fret, we have a Cookery Basics section on ShowMe.Fit to guide you through! I look forward to seeing your meals and life updates across social media!

We have got so much more exciting and exclusive content coming soon so please stay tuned for more!

Comments? Questions? Come and join the discussion on our Facebook group

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