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Newsletter – 16/08/20

Gregg W.

By Gregg W.

“If you believe it’ll work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you don’t believe it’ll work out, you’ll see obstacles”
Wayne Dyer

For this weeks Motivation Monday I wrote a blog for you all about the importance of planning!

Our Week

Firstly, well done everybody.  Hello to all members and I am particularly delighted about the success of the Facebook group, keep this up, you are a great support network for each other, and it can only grow from here.

Of course, as you know, we bring you 6 new recipes every week.  Everybody seems to be loving the chewy oat cookies, you’ve obviously got bit of a sweet tooth like me.

We’ve done a couple of live things, a core live workout on Saturday, did it nice and early before the sun came out but it was still baking hot, well done if you did it along with me.  I always enjoy our live Insta chats, they are great fun, but they are also really helpful for me in understanding better your thoughts and needs.

A couple of new workouts have gone up, a 15-minute stretch routine aimed at keeping you supple and a routine that is low impact for your knees.  Although I think we need to go one stage further and write another programme where you stay on your feet and don’t go on the floor at all.

Motivation Monday brought a blog from me on planning as I say, fail to plan and you’re planning to fail.  Also, Wellness Wednesday brought a blog from my lovely wife Anna on why she loves to cook, and I think we all agree, she does deliver some amazing recipes.

This Week

Coming up I am doing my first live cook-along on Sunday (TODAY!) at 5pm with a great chef and an old mate of mine, Rob Kirby.  It’s going to be fun and we are posting up the ingredients so you can cook along.  There will be another live chat from the ShowMe.Fit Insta on Sunday at 7.30pm.  There will of course be more recipes coming and there are constant changes happening to the site.

You are moving to a healthier and fitter you.  Remember nothing happens without the odd slip up, keep with it and look forward to a new you. 

Our Expert Friends’ Weekly Notes

Katharine Bright – Registered Nutritionist:

‘We have had some members feel more hungry when they eat breakfast. There are a lot of reasons why, eat more protein and try to figure out when in the morning is best for you to eat breakfast to keep you fuller for longer, do not skip it!’

Anna Wallace – Home Cooked Recipes:

‘Don’t just plan when you are going to cook but also plan when you are going to go shopping.’

Danny Rai – Personal Trainer

‘Try out our new stretch routine and look out for a low knee impact workout coming next week!’

Dr Kevin Dutton – Psychologist

‘Make time to exercise this week if you haven’t been.’

This week for Wellness Wednesday, Anna Wallace wrote us a blog all about why she loves cooking.

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Weekly New Recipes




We cannot wait for you all to get cooking these at home! Remember, if you do not feel you are the most confident in the kitchen do not fret, we have a Cookery Basics section on ShowMe.Fit to guide you through! I look forward to seeing your meals and life updates across social media!

We have got so much more exciting and exclusive content coming soon so please stay tuned for more!

Comments? Questions? Come and join the discussion on our Facebook group

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