John Thurlow





Starting Weight

14st 13lb

Current Weight

13st 1lb

How long did this take?

15 weeks (this includes a holiday abroad)

Are you trying to lose, maintain or gain weight?

Lose weight

Why did you start SMF?

I needed to change my lifestyle my weight was getting out of control and was making me depressed, I hated looking in the mirror and dreaded buying clothes as due to my weight needed to buy Large or even in some cases Extra large. I avoided the camera as much as possible and avoided going to functions as could never find clothes that fitted properly.

Why is your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from SMF?

Love the salmon and egg for breakfast, the Mexican salad is my go to pack lunch and the fish curry my favorite dinner

Why do you enjoy SMF?

I don't feel I'm on diet! I never get hungry, the meals are easy to prepare and cook and taste fantastic., I'm learning to cook healthy meals and to be honest getting a bit of a pro in the kitchen. The exercise plans are great for all ability from beginners who haven't exercised in years to full-on exhausting plans. I love the motto being good most of the time is good enough as you don't feel like anything is restricted, its a completely different mindset compared to other plans I have tried and always failed in or given up after just a few weeks. The social side is also great with the Facebook page and it feels like a family always supporting and encouraging one another. The website is great and I love the newsletters, I like the way the plan is not only considering what we eat but why do we eat like we do (the motivation and mental side of things)

Why is SMF different to other programmes out there?

The new meals every week, the fact that you have approached the motivation side of losing weight, and everything as I've stated above

What is one thing you have learnt from SMF?

Healthy filling food that helps you lose weight doesn't have to be boring, and if you eat something not on plan don't worry you don't have to give up

What is the best thing about SMF for you?

I have never lost motivation I'm now 16 weeks in and feel just as motivated as the day I started, its also helped me gain confidence in myself

Would you recommend SMF to anyone else and why?

Yes and I have because it's the best value for money plan around which will, if you trust in the plan, help you achieve your goals.

Do you have any words or advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?

Yes start this plan NOW! you can lose weight and eat really tasty food not be hungry

Any other comments...

I also love the structure of the plan I eat three meals a day now and don’t have to think about snacks, I can plan my 3 meals a day for the week it couldn’t be easier. I’d like to thank you all for putting the plan together and I really appreciate everything the team do.


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