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Carole’s story

Team SMF .

By Team SMF .


Carole Reed


41 (Ssshhh)


A huge 5ft 2

Starting Weight

9 stone 4

Current Weight

8 stone 2

How long did this take?

11 weeks

Are you trying to lose, maintain or gain weight?

I wanted to lose my pregnancy weight. Now I want to maintain and firm up.

Why did you start SMF?

To be honest, I hadnt heard of SMF. I wasnt looking at joining anything. I was just adhoc having a healthy week to lose a few pounds because once again my jeans were too tight and they were giving me tummy ache after dinner. My tummy was always the one part of me that I was proud of. I was slim, it was toned. Always used to wear shorter tops to show a bit of midriff. Then I had my first child but I was amazed how quick my stomach 'pinged' back into shape. I was really pleased. In 2017 I had my 2nd child (hes 4 tomorrow). It was a difficult pregnancy and I was in and out of hospital. I was HUGE ! It was a horrendous birth and he also spent a week in intense care. I was so grateful all turned out well but I took a long time to heal due. He completely wrecked my skin and my stomach muscles. I was left with this baggy, saggy, marked skin. I am aware that I should be proud as that represents my beautiful children but in myself, it wasnt what I was used to and hated looking it and tried to hide it. I kinda gave up on it and started thinking theres no point, its ruined. I ate unhealthy, i piled on a stone, my clothes didnt fit properly and I couldnt find any motivation to try but I hated it. Anyway, im husband is about 3 stone over weight and after a bit of nagging he announced he had joined SMF. I genuinly thought ill do it with him as some encouragement. Little did I know that I would love it, the food, the live chats, the personal touch etc and when pounds started to come off each week I was motivated to continue. My body shape was changing and I loved it. Ive now lost 1 stone and 2 lb and hit my target. No my tummy is not toned (the muscles are wrecked) but my size it back where it was an couldnt be happier and I feel healthy too.

Why is your favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner from SMF?

Breakfast:Fruit pot or the bbq beans in toast.
Lunch: Sweetcorn and black bean chowder.
Dinner: Lentil bolognaise or the thai red (but with chicken)

Why do you enjoy SMF?

It’s not a ‘diet’ its a lifestyle change. It makes you realise your eating faults and change your mindset.

Why is SMF different to other programmes out there?

It feels personal. Like the team knows us personally. The live chats. The fact that it feels they’re all there, always when needed.

What is one thing you have learnt from SMF?

I’ve realises it’s a marathon, not a sprint. That being good most of the time is good enough.

What is the best thing about SMF for you?

I love the food. It healthy but tasty. The fb group is the happiest, friendliest, supportive group on Facebook.

Would you recommend SMF to anyone else and why?

Definitely! It’s absolutely brilliant.

Do you have any words or advice for someone looking to lose weight or get healthy?

Don’t put pressure on yourself to rush it. And PLAN PLAN PLAN. if you dont, it doesnt work.

Any other comments...

I can’t thank you enough. Its changed my mindset and I have my figure back!!!
I know I wasn’t massively overweight but for me, it was. I’m only f5’2 and didnt want to look dumpy or mumsy. I wanted to be the best I could be. I didnt want my hamster cheeks, didnt want to have my pregnant look, i wanted to find me again.

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