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ShowMe.Fit members will be moving over to the new site GreggWallace.Health

Exciting News for ShowMe.Fit Members!

We are delighted to announce a significant upgrade to your health and wellness journey. ShowMe.Fit is transitioning to our new, enhanced platform, GreggWallace.Health!

In light of this exciting change, we will no longer be accepting new memberships at ShowMe.Fit. Instead, we invite you to join us at GreggWallace.Health, where we continue to offer an enriched experience with even more resources, expert advice, and community support.

If you are an existing ShowMe.Fit member, please reach out to us for more information on options for moving over.

We Are No Longer Taking Members Login

Why is ShowMe.Fit different?

Simple, healthy recipes

Nutritional advice

Community and support

Planning tools

Mindset and motivation

Save money and waste

Welcome to our friendly community!

We’ve thought carefully about how to make ShowMe.Fit as straightforward, sustainable and affordable as it can be.

There are psychological tips to help you stay focused, sustainable meal guides and recipes that will actually save you money, and the support of our exclusive community.

I understand the challenges you face, but let me tell you, if I can do it, then I KNOW you can do it!

We Are No Longer Taking Members

Our delicious recipes

Healthy, balanced, delicious, and if you follow our clear simple guides you’ll actually cut your food bills and reduce waste. With almost 500 recipes there really is something for everyone. We also have Celebrity Chef contributions and everything has of course been checked over by our expert nutritionist. All you need to do is enjoy them!

The (not so…) secret ingredients to your success

There is no mystery here, this is not a diet, and there is no quick fix.

It’s all about making small, gradual changes that over time equal BIG results. Join our community of supportive people just like you, who are looking to make a postive change in their lives.

We Are No Longer Taking Members

Quick, easy, healthy recipes

All tasty and simple, and nothing that will tie you to the kitchen for hours. At least one brand new recipe each week.

Learn new cooking skills, find healthy dishes and stay on track with recipes from my wife Anna. She helped me do it and she can help you too..

Nutritional advice

You’ll learn about the nutrition of eating healthy and this will become second nature. Our resident nutritionist, Katharine Bright, makes the science behind health and weight loss so much easier to understand, so once the weight, it stays off.

Motivational psychology

Change is hard. From step by step advice, to finding your reasons to make changes, Bernie Wright will help you stay the course by being kind to yourself. Because what is health without happiness?

Community and support

You need support. We all do. That’s why we brought together all the people who are on the same journey. Get access to our exclusive members only Facebook community, where you can get ideas, tips and celebrate your progress.

We’re there with you. we’ll be in touch every week to help you achieve your health and slimming goals.

Save money

Through planning your meals with ShowMe.Fit you can actually save money on snacks and takeaways at the same time as cutting down on food waste.

Our recipes use cheap to buy and easy to find ingredients, so by sticking to our recipes we can guarantee you will save money. We have already helped lots of members half the price of their shopping bills and we can help you too.

People are losing weight with ShowMe.Fit…

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