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Being good most of the time, is good enough

You know what? Getting into shape is hard enough. That’s why I started ShowMe.Fit – to arm you with what you need to lose weight, get fitter and change your life forever!

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Why is ShowMe.Fit different?

  • Psychological tips to understand yourself and the process
  • Sustainable meal guides and ready-to-go workouts
  • You’re not doing it alone – join our exclusive community

All this – just £7 per month
(plus a one-time £5 joining fee)

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New offer for 2022

One-year membership for just £70

Saving 15%! 

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How ShowMe.Fit helps you get fitter and lose weight.

Easy, healthy recipes

Tasty and healthy. None more than 30 minutes. Learn new kitchen skills, find healthy recipes and stay on track with meal plans from my wife Anna. She helped me do it and she can help you too.

Nutritional advice

This is why ShowMe.Fit is more than just a diet program. You’ll learn about the nutrition of eating healthy. Our resident nutritionist, Katharine Bright, makes it all so much easier to understand so once the weight is off, it stays off.

Motivational psychology

Change is hard. From step by step advice to finding your reasons to make changes. Bernie Wright will help you stay the course by being kind to yourself. Because what is health without happiness?


You need support. We all do. That’s why we brought together all the people who are on the same journey. Get access to our exclusive Facebook community, where you can get ideas, tips and celebrate your progress.

Easy routines

From beginner to advanced workouts. Get the routines you need to keep making progress. They’re all 30 minutes long.

Weekly support and advice

We’re there with you. we’ll be in touch every week. Including tasty new recipes, new exercise routines, and support from the team. We’ll be there to help you achieve your health and slimming goals. And if you ever need us, just get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or email, and we’ll do all we can.

People are losing weight with ShowMe.Fit…

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ShowMe.Fit is about you finding a healthy lifestyle.

For some that’s putting on weight, for some it’s losing weight. But we will not heap on the pressure and we believe in balance. We don’t support or condone obsessive eating or exercising. And we strongly recommend speaking to a medical professional if you develop any concerns along the way.