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Hi, this is the first video I have done for ShowMe.Fit and I hope it helps. This is simple one, one that people have so much and so many issues with and it’s simply: “what do I do when I feel the urge to over eat?” What do I do when I have the urge to over eat or I feel a binge coming on?

The answer is simple… firstly, calm down. Take a breath. Calm down, take a very deep breath.  

Ask yourself “what is really going on? Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I tired? Am I lonely? Or is there something that I am unable to say? Is there something that I need to say out loud? Because emotional hunger is from the neck up. Emotional hunger is from the neck up. So check in with yourself. Learn to check in with yourself. 

It may be a simple as you need something like a bowl of soup or a glass of water. Gently ask yourself what is happening… What do I need? Has something made me saddened or disappointed? The words “check in gently” are really important because so many of us, so many of us who get into an overeating or bingeing cycle will be speaking to ourselves in a really really angry and loud voice. We need to slow it down, we need to calm it down.

We need to say to ourselves “this too will pass” and there’s three things we need to do: delay, distract and then decide. So delay, distract yourself and then decide. It makes such a difference.

Calming down… this is so important. Even over eating, slowly can mean that you do not disassociate and you’re more likely to get back into control really quickly 

So what do you do if you are temporarily and I say the words temporarily seduced by a binge? A lapse will happen… it’s part of what we do and yet it’s a learning event, it’s a learning curve, a note to ourselves that we would do something differently each time. If we find ourselves going off track remember to do what we call and, and. Have the cake and have an Apple too. Have the cake and have an Apple too. We need to disrupt the DVD. That’s why it works so beautifully because when we do that, eventually we may find ourselves changing the pattern of a thinking. 

So what do you need to know? One of the most important things that we forget, is we forget to keep our blood sugars stable. We leave it too long and we allow ourselves to get exceptionally hungry and then by 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon we find ourselves eating everything that is not nailed down. When you’re moving into a healthy lifestyle, when you’re beginning to gain health, hunger is not a luxury you can afford to have.

This is low blood sugar very simply explaine It is really important, and I know that the nutritionists that works for ShowMe.Fit has been supporting you with this. This is a really simple diagram. Keep it simple… keep your blood sugars level and do not allow yourself to be hungry. 

Learn some tricks, learn some techniques. I teach all of my clients and all of the people I train to learn this simple technique. It’s called cognitive defusion, and it’s noticing and it’s thinking. It’s as simple as I notice that I I’m thinking about having a binge, I’m thinking about that I have a desire to overheat and when I notice all of this I feel tense, I feel anxious, I feel worried. And I notice all of this in a single moment and it’s just mind worms playing tricks with me. I notice all of this and I thank you mind. I breathe out anguish and I breathe in gratitude. If you work on this cognitive defusion technique it will change so much for you. You need to practise it regular, 5-10 minutes a day until it becomes absolutely, totally within. It’s a technique.

Another brilliant technique is Zen 10. Again, I teach this to all my clients and when I do this each time when I’m training, I feel myself literally zening out, calming down… zening out, calming down. Something about the way it goes and listen very carefully. Zen, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Zen… Then, when you come back around like I’ve just done there’s a real feeling of calmness. Then you gently say it yourself, “I am now going to distract myself for 10 minutes”. And make a plan with what you are going to distract yourself with.

Finally, for this first video is something about speaking to yourself so differently. Something like giving yourself a heartfelt thank you, I am doing the best I can, and I can, I will and I am doing it. I am getting excited about change, I am excited about change. While you are doing it, speak to yourself in a gentle voice. Speak to yourself gently as you would in love one or a friend because it is the way we speak to ourselves in such a bullying way that drives the compulsions and the overeating and a binge eating. It’s the shame and the guilt that is not ours, that drives their behaviours. Thank you!