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Creating the Right Environment for Success

Hello guys and welcome back to ShowMe.Fit! I’m Dan from the Accountability Academy and welcome back. So guys, today I want to talk about a very, very easy way of building up consistency in our daily routines. I think we can all agree that we need consistency in our lives. Consistency is the key to getting us the results that we want down the line. If you can diet for one day that’s not going to do anything but if we can have a healthy nutritious lifestyle for months on end, that’s how we get the results that we want. The same goes for everything right? We can be really, really intense one day but that does absolutely nothing… We need that consistency over a period of time for us to get the results we want. So, one easy way for us to build that consistency is to set the bar really low. Really, really low. Everyone screams at me for this, “Dan, why would we set the bar really low? Why would we be setting the bar? We’ve got to shoot for the heaven! We’ve got to set the bar really high so we can hit it!” Yes, I’m not telling you to have low aspirations for yourself but am telling you that at the start of your health and fitness journey, business journey, professional life, personal life, wherever it may be, if we can set the bar low and hit that win really, really early on, that allows us to catapult and then build for the next win and the next win and the next win. 

Our environment is going to be the foundation of everything that we do and your environment is going to allow that to become a reality. Too often I see with a lot of people that they work really, really, really hard and they try and do all the right things but when you actually stop and you take a look into their environment, their environment isn’t conducive to the goal they want. For example, let’s just take this from a health and fitness perspective; with a lot of our clients, I stop and say to them, “right, well, what food do you have in your cupboards?” If I know that a certain client has a little bit of a tinkling for cookies and crisps and stuff, then it’s probably not ideal that they are going to have those lying all around the house. I’m a big believer that, yes, a diet has to be sustainable, it has to be based off a lifestyle that we can enjoy. However, if you are trying to lose a little bit of weight, it’s not going to be ideal having those all around the house because it’s going to be really easy to snack and  graze and constantly pick them up. Trust me, this is coming from someone who is a snacker, I love grazing, but having crisps and cookies and snacks all around the house isn’t going to be conducive to getting a healthier, fitter lifestyle, right? 

So, we have to stop and analyse the environment to make sure that the environment is built to the result that we want. So, if we’re trying to be healthier, trying to live a bit of a healthy lifestyle, then it’s going to be better to maybe hide all the snacks away into a certain area of the house, so we know that they’re not going to be laying all around. If you’re trying to not watch as much TV, maybe then we move the layout of the living room so that all the couches aren’t facing the TV and instead they’re all facing a coffee table so everyone can sit around and talk. Basically, everyone comes to me with goals that they want to work on and the first thing I do is dive into their environment. I go “right, is your environment built for the result that you want?” because the easiest thing that we can change is your environment. We can just manipulate a few things; we can tweak a little few things and we can tinker with a few little things to make it more efficient to the result that we want.  I think it’s really, really common that so many people look over at the Jones’s next door and go: “blood hell, they’ve lost a load of weight! They look really, really goo! They must be so self-disciplined. They must be so motivated! How have they got that much discipline to get those results?” But the reality is that 99% of the time those people have just built an environment that’s more conducive to the result they want. So, for example; if you go into the Jones’s house (next door neighbour) the likelihood is that they haven’t got snacks all around the house and they’ve got a friend or a partner who’s going to support them – is that their accountability buddy and they’ve built an environment that’s going to allow them to achieve their goal without getting distracted. Too often people fail to achieve their results, not because their goal is too high or it’s just an impossible task, it’s because they get hit with these little obstacles the whole way through and it’s one of these little obstacles that will trip them up and they can’t seem to get going again. 

So, the quickest thing that I say to everyone is, take a step back, analyse your environment and make sure your environment is conducive to the result you want. This goes for everything, this isn’t just health and fitness. I say this to people who are trying to build a business, trying to build a really solid relationship with their partner and also people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. So, take a second, take a step back and analyse the environment. 

Is your environment built to get the result you want?

If you can do that your chances of success are going to be greatly, greatly increased because your environment is built for the result you want. 

There’s my little morning words of wisdom for you. I hope you have a great rest of the day! Welcome to ShowMe.Fit and I can’t wait to see the results are going to see you soon guys! Bye.